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Modern Bespoke Gardens

Large-scale features enhance every single project we design, whether a compact city courtyard, or an expansive country landscape garden, where creative boldness is pivotal in balancing proportionality and an integral sense of space. These fundamental garden elements achieve their effectiveness while designed as fully bespoke building blocks, attaining eye-level focus, high contrast and refined detail. Conceived as personal narratives for each client and site, and interwoven within compositional design layers, such customised focal points fulfil their pure purpose in providing grandeur, spaciousness, refuge and stately elegance. Whether minimalist, abstract or figurative, the large-scale bespoke features which eminently energise modern garden design practice invariably find their well-defined niches to captivatingly accomplish an all-encompassing, highly architectural mindset.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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Materials: natural granite rocks, boulders and flagstones, basalt, quartz, sandstone and limestone. Design: juxtaposition of organic forms in scale, texture and tone to convey contrast and definition.


Materials: anchoring, staking and vertical support systems, drainage granules, soil pH conditioners, weed membranes, mulching. Design: multilayering of architectural bark, contrasting foliage, colourful stems and seasonal blooms to forge distinct habitat equilibria.


Materials: aluminium, galvanised, stainless steel and zinc-coated metal sheeting. Design: diverse outlines composed of linear and curved forms to generate elegant contours as growing mediums.


Materials: architectural angles and bolts, brushing, channels, corten steel, perforation, plates, polishing, tubing, welding, wire rope tension systems. Design: utilising a highly versatile and robust construction medium to fabricate durable, precise and multifunctional structures.


Materials: chippings, cobbles, pebbles and paddlestones in varying sizes, colours and finishes. Design: a functional mulching necessity made integrally artistic within decorative layouts for ground cover, drainage channels, edges, planting beds, paths and loose surfaces.


Materials: brick, concrete, natural stone, sgraffito and stucco render, glass, man-made tiles, integral coping details, masonry paint. Design: tactile construction formats of pattern, solidity and craftsmanship.


Materials: concrete, metal, stone, wood, integrated planting and built-in lighting. Design: ergonomic comfort delineated through focused detailing of sculptural, symmetrical and purposeful level changes.


Materials: woody and herbaceous perennials, evergreen alongside deciduous canopies, sculptural flora. Design: fusing apt species in suitable microclimates to create multi-sensory, lushly visual garden environments as wildlife-friendly, architectural living landscapes.


Materials: chutes, spouts, basins, reservoirs, tiles, waterproofing and pump systems. Design: natural cycles of sound, movement and lucent surfaces with imaginative, bespoke engineering of waterfalls, bubbling cascades, rills, reflecting pools, water walls, fish and natural ponds.


Materials: low-voltage cabling, luminaires and transformers, residual-current device, glare guards, remote-controlled, hand-held switching devices. Design: night-time light scenes which dramatically augment the architectural merits of urban residences, while vividly enhancing foliar and structural silhouettes within highly liveable gardens.

Raised Beds

Materials: concrete, render, stone cladding, masonry paint, steel, timber, drainage fabrics, waterproofing and coping. Design: multi-use, multidimensional and multilayered planting receptacles, combined with irrigation, lighting, sculpture, bespoke seating and storage.


Materials: concrete shuttering, blocks and lintels, timber joists, hardwood boards, metal supports, stone and tile treads. Design: devising comfy, chill-out outdoor hubs for family entertainment, repose and social get-togethers as modern garden focal points.


Materials: a balance of endemic and non-native arboreal vegetation, sustained by adequate soil aeration and reinforcement, enriched with root protection geotextile systems. Design: selecting, introducing and cultivating diverse plant sizes by combining an appropriate ratio of juvenile saplings into medium-sized and mature tree specimens.


Materials: decking, porcelain tiles, natural stone, polished concrete, synthetic grass and resin-bound aggregates. Design: utilising limitless construction techniques to inventively expand pivotal sense of space, extend valuable use and interlink outdoor spaces with bespoke, in-situ, personalised and intently site-specific landscape designs.