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This selected collection of contemporary landscape gardens outlines our diverse landscape design portfolio, creating well-crafted projects across broad-ranging scales for our discerning clientele. From bucolic Essex walled gardens, to expansive Italian villa grounds, Surrey and Hertfordshire stately home landscaped gardens, the design & build principles of our leading landscape practice harmoniously integrate site-oriented blueprints, interlinked by fastidious attention to detail.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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Saffron Walden

The unique synthesis of Japanese temple essence and Essex field landscape, expressed in this corner of a large, private country estate, materialised through close reciprocation with a long-standing client, where a 5-hectare landscape garden was gradually transformed over a decade. By planting a rich matrix of native trees, shrubs and hedges, judiciously interspersed with a selective palette of Chinese, Japanese and Australasian floras, the design thoroughly optimises varying site microclimates, and refines a highly entertaining landscape platform for an exceptional travelling family in their weekend home.

Lake Maggiore

The steep incline, undulating topography and exquisite panoramas over Lake Maggiore distinguish this stately villa and its landscaped grounds. The 15,000-square-foot estate, brainchild of our architect client, was developed privately over five years, and we accompanied each stage of its intricate build in this Brisino location in Northern Italy, near Milan. With advanced water recycling, green technologies and an abundance of wildlife habitats, the 2-acre landscape gardens enveloping this hillside residence imbue the charm of a countryside setting, amid a state-of-the-art lakeside mansion. The culmination of this long-term landscape garden project saw 20,000 plants dispersed in two weeks, when a 45-degree, sandy gradient was carpeted with a myriad of acid-loving plants, fruit groves, Maples and Italian Alders, leading to a flower meadow and a grassy, ecological filter bed.

Debden Village

The continual exchange of landscape design ideas through divergent design thinking richly enhances our urban garden projects with rural nuances, and inversely elevates countryside landscape sceneries with inspiring city terrace ambiences. In the Old Barn, situated along the outskirts of Debden Village in North Essex, a series of thirty powder-coated, custom-designed planters accentuates the satellite buildings of a large country mansion, alongside cottage, kitchen and wildlife gardens, a fruit orchard, swimming pool, an indoor sports complex and outdoor tennis courts – elements of a modern country garden – articulated by forward-looking landscape designs.