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A Zest for Colour

Designed for an artist, we created a penthouse roof terrace abundant in bespoke planters to highlight distinctiveness and our client's zest for dynamic colour. The existing penthouse decking was retained, and an automatic irrigation system installed to sustain a new, low upkeep, architectural planting scheme. The terrace design's streamlined, fluid curvature was inspired by Anish Kapoor's ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture in its panoramic, London Stadium backdrop.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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london penthouse terrace 70m²

Artist's Rooftop Suite

Our client's penthouse apartment atop London Fields' Arthaus is south-east facing, enveloped by views of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its prominent landmarks. For an artist, this buoyant part of London forms an optimal location to live, work and enjoy a colourful, creative rooftop landscape design. Each terrace elevation features its own visual focus in a minimalist, compositional display of sculptural planters. Circular shapes, recessed troughs and arched vases portray vivid colours in original, one-off terrace designs, where the outlines of cylindrical Olive tree tubs were crafted with unique, asymmetrical apertures in pairs as a contrast to a linear roof terrace layout.

Terrace Illumination

Evergreen foliage complements this architectural terrace in texture and tone with Olive trees, Phormium, Photinia and sculptural Agave. LED lighting enhances the planters' gentle contours, set below their apertures, while a contemporary, frameless glass balustrade augments luminosity, reflections and sense of depth. We continually strive to maximise terrace space by highlighting surface fluidity under planters and including discreet cavity lighting. Three arched vases, positioned pivotally along the living room's vast windows, delineate minimalist uniformity to frame the view and accentuate a contrastive colour palette; their deep maroon powder-coating presents a soft sheen, while variegated Agave succulents generate sculptural essence.

Multicoloured Spectrum

The roof terrace's symmetrical design is articulated by two pairs of circular planters, which frame an East London skyline resolutely with robust Olive trees; their white exterior and smooth, round profile well matched with a milky, ring-shaped table and seat. Low, curved vases, featuring succulents, are set at equal intervals along the penthouse's glazed facade to layer its view, accentuated in a crimson hue. An urn trio in mauve, scarlet and orange forms a unique focal point, while two duos of recessed troughs alternate colour from pink to green-grey, producing a tall, evergreen privacy screen. In this high-spirited, live/work art environment, such vibrant rooftop energy, alongside copious entertainment space, enhances the zeitgeist of a London urban terrace and its distinct social interplay.

Penthouse Planters

A trio of playful urns, designed for the terrace's north elevation, infuse invigorating mauve, maroon and orange hues; their contours sustain diverse, innovative geometry across this penthouse rooftop, echoing the Olympic Park's Orbit Tower, while a grassy New Zealand flax produces graceful motion in the breeze with a bronzy silhouette. We develop unique planters for each roof landscape design project, where their size, shape and colour define distinct foliage qualities. Irrigation pipes, drainage outlets and rooftop lighting are concealed integrally within these free-standing structures to provide a pristine, clean finish. Warm light, emitted by the LED system in this penthouse roof terrace, blends effectively into translucent glass windows and handrails – enhancing a seamless, metropolitan rooftop ambience.