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Small is Beautiful

When asked which is the smallest private garden I've designed, the answer is a 5-square-metre Fitzrovia patio! London is evermore built-up, where garden sizes continually decrease, and seclusion is scarce, with gardens often overlooked by myriads of windows. Personally, the essence of a small outdoor space is defined by functional, integrated zones, which soften open aspects, and maximise outdoor potential with renewed ambience. Designing and building small London gardens has evolved into a specialised art form, where spatial design, detail nuances and access logistics' minutiae enhance privacy prospects, natural light quality and long-term liveability for our clients.

Outdoor Retreats

What defines a small garden space the most? This isn't an easy question to answer. At times it's the site, sometimes it's the owner, but best of all it's when it's both! There's no better place to relish outdoor intimacy than in a small patio garden, and I see countless clients indulging in the tiniest of leafy corners, in sun or shade, on a Sunday morning or with a Monday blues. Whether enjoyed as a family, a single person or a couple, the pleasure is far greater than mere square metreage; from Belsize Park to Knightsbridge, St Katharine Docks to Hammersmith, Londoners seek the freedom found in a personal garden retreat, within this diverse metro of ours.

small urban space

Eye-level Scale

I'm an avid exponent of bold features when designing a small town garden, since focused emphasis in multilayered compositions sustains dynamic centrepieces, and expands spatial depth axially. Where scale requires balance, an engaging, eye-level focal point bridges this void, and when a pocket-sized outdoor space feels too compactly confined, I divert viewing eyes towards its city backdrop by gradually increasing height. Enhancing fluidity between interior and exterior delineates a pivotal design ideology, and while projects often develop as on-site collaborations during the latter building stages of an urban garden renovation, many schemes are tailored as retrofits. Yet, the ultimate knack is to seamlessly express a garden design layout as an integral, compatible piece of indoor-outdoor bliss, no matter how small-scale.

Detail is Everything

Detail is everything; unveiled in its surface cohesion, foliage arrays, colour palettes and lighting nuances – immersed throughout a garden landscape. Nowhere else is detail design as significant than in small gardens, where outdoor space thrives within closeness of invigorating, integral constituents as subtle building blocks. In every design idea we develop, its refined detail defines the essence of modern garden projects, sustaining distinct character, however small a space may be. London's diverse urbanscape forms a daily challenge on many levels, where we turn flatscapes into exciting nightscapes at the flick of a switch, and unwind deckside, while shrewdly maximising every inch!