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A Perfect Fit

Every garden project we design and build features intrinsically unique qualities; a standout location or distinctive natural beauty, exclusive architecture or exceptional clients. At times, this entire gamut of one-off attributes consolidates within a single garden – developed attentively as a sequence of new design elements which form outstanding outdoor living. Bespoke, enticing, well-thought-out and truly evocative of their place, these personalised, intimate and highly detailed gardens convey our passion for architectural design, ecology and well-being – a one shared by our clients.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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innovative london back garden
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Planting Approach

Garden designs impart their most sensory experiences in planting juxtapositions which flawlessly form soothing associations with the man-made hard landscapes around them. With urban life growingly engulfed in pollution, alongside space deprivation and detrimental habitat loss among vital wildlife species, we strive to endorse green, rejuvenating planting schemes which underline ecological awareness and our clients' well-being. Whether in wholly native flora groupings, hot Mediterranean drifts or lush, unusual combinations amid shade, tailored for diverse locations, plants unquestionably form the most pivotal design elements in any garden – whatever its size or aspect.

Seating Areas

Within the extent of most town gardens, we spend a good deal of time sitting down while outdoors; not only due to sheer lack of space, disenchantment with gardening and fixation with wireless devices, but also by virtue of a lifestyle driven by unrelenting work commitments. Yet, preceded only by planting in terms of pure elements, the seating areas which transform town gardens from wild, detached places into havens of social gatherings become utterly paramount in maximising the benefits of outdoor spaces – via the intimate, to the flamboyant and every restorative nuance in between – as ideal vantage points.

Focal Points

The accentuation, layering and interspersion of stimulating focal points throughout a garden are at the heart of the landscape design discipline. Whether architecturally prominent, gracefully concealed or sequentially interrelated, these cardinal centrepieces form complete narratives by generating key points of reference, balancing scale and complementing a garden design's fabric with stature and pith. While for an observer, the experience of being drawn by focal points is at times absorbed subliminally, for a contemporary garden designer, this pivotal spatial process entails refinement of landscape design ideas in a thrilling journey of seeking inspirational garden elements.

Surface Design

Enveloping entire gardens, surfaces form the underlayers through which all design elements emanate from. We seek clarity in layouts, boldness in materials, refined compositional rhythms and definitive details to sustain dynamic natural frameworks. From wood to stone, grass in its sweet-smelling and synthetic forms to tiles, aggregates, concrete and bricks, there's an infinite spectrum of creativity within surface blueprints which embraces every design element originating through, above and below it. The seductive qualities of tactility, tone, sound and contrast, when harmoniously balanced, are surface design properties which aren't only a testament to the mere art of devising accomplished gardens, but also to the craft of the industrious, and dependable, multidisciplinary professionals who construct them.