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In Jungled Seclusion

Entirely evergreen and distinctly low-maintenance, this large town garden lushly completes our clients' grand renovation of their modern Brondesbury residence, providing valuable privacy with dense, layered planting. Adjacent to an open-plan kitchen, seamlessly interlinked via supersized 1.2-metre tiles, and viewed from an upper roof terrace, the architectural garden epitomises grandness of both scale and greenery, expressed with minimalist lines below exuberant canopies. Variety of cooking, dining and socialising areas maximises usage, while contrast between glossy foliage and dainty textures, elevated by a silky colour palette, enhances light quality in this north-facing aspect. Designed for year-round interest, the garden is aptly framed by a voluminous glazed elevation, vitalising the living spaces with vibrant greenness.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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Indoor-outdoor Flow

Amid a rear house elevation facing north, the clarity of architectural ideas connecting this home to its garden delineates expansiveness of space, mitigating subdued luminosity through innovative daylighting. Picking up the design cues established by the renovation architect, in patterns, materials and colours, we sought to invigorate a minimalist palette with luxuriant foliage emanating copiously from a continuous grid of epic light-hued tiles. Sustaining a dynamic backdrop via floor-to-ceiling glass doors and immense skylights, while sheltered by high walls and Cedar panels, the luscious vegetation soothingly cloaks the entire garden to cater coveted privacy, scale and light reflectance.

Planting Philosophy

Laid out as an architectural courtyard, this 70-square-metre back garden equally conveys largeness of scale and boldness of plants. Complemented by a 30-square-metre rooftop terrace and a sizeable frontage, the garden provides the pivotal element in a sequence of modern outdoor spaces paramountly defined by lush foliage. While daylight harvesting and materials reflectivity throughout the whole residence optimise liveability and environmental factors, the garden's ergonomics, maintainability, accessibility and convenience of seating amenities, enveloped by an abundant evergreen ambience, articulate tactility, intimacy and tranquillity. This soothing leafiness radiates from raised beds, ground borders and bespoke planters, immersing the garden with soaring Bamboo, Ribbonwood and Magnolia trees in multilayered compositions. With merely thirteen species, exclusively woody, the distinct bushiness and vigour of a flourishing shrubland melds floras from New Zealand, East Asia and the Mediterranean.

Long White Cloud

Outside the guest bedroom, on the first floor, a decked roof terrace overlooks the garden, planted with tall loose hedges of Pittosporum and Portuguese laurel which seclude the end boundaries. A Japanese Wheel tree and New Zealand cabbage palms tower above as sculptural focal points, combining with the garden's verdant shrubberies in bold foliage and apt stature. Korean rock ferns, tinged in coppery crimson tones through the colder months, and lustrous Taiwanese Bar room plants interweave to form a foliaged tapestry, framing the view of a giant Lombardy poplar in the garden beyond, while brightening the living room, viewed through a vast skylight. Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’, with its purple leaflets, is juxtaposed beside a graceful ‘Silver Sheen’ cultivar, as the tawhiwhi from Land of the long white cloud study the Black poplar's falling leaves which blanket the garden in autumn.

Architectural Space

Three-dimensionality of architectural space instils fluidity, structure and definition, and in this large town garden, the underlying design narrative heightens spatial voluminosity consistently. Spacious raised beds and borders, supersize troughs, enormous tiles and a 6-metre-long fully cantilevered bench consolidate a well-proportioned layout, superimposed by everlasting viridity. Compositionally uncomplicated, and detailedly fluent, this architectural town garden design fashions the platform for bold foliage to brighten the Brondesbury dayglow. As the boundaries disappear behind a profuse boscage in thoroughgoing verdancy, their capacity extends beyond linearity and verticality, into the autonomous realm of far-flung, utterly dreamy, leafy opulence.