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Sculptural Centrepieces

When designed with style and substance in just the right measure, bespoke planters form the lifeblood of any roof garden. Tailor-made to suit specific niches, curvatures, perimeters and elevations, these customised vessels vitally sustain thriving plant life through integral irrigation, drainage and lighting, merging seamlessly with contiguous architecture. Whether conceived as sculptural centrepieces, arranged in dynamic groupings or subtly blended in, the bespoke roof garden planters we design, fabricate and install epitomise the contemporary approach and limitless creativity of urban rooftop living – enhancing individual designs, locations and our clients' diverse preferences.

Design & Words: Amir Schlezinger

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Personalised Prototypes

Tirelessly seeking architectural progression and engineerable solutions, we continually develop personalised roof garden planter prototypes for many of our projects. This exploratory design process, promoting both edificial parity and vigorous plant growth, dependably consolidates the numerous advantages of stand-alone receptacles in plantability, resilience and our clients' penchant for distinguishability. Made-to-order individualisation, with its signature trademarks, design reciprocality and self-supporting mechanisms fulfils impactive visual foci within countless urban rooftop gardens, sustained by meticulous sampling, modelling, production supervision and ongoing aftercare.

Accurate Engineering

Autonomous yet fully integrated, bespoke planters hold their poised own throughout contemporary roof garden environments. Admittedly, seldom installed without the trepidation which accurate engineering and its required critical dimensions bring, these rooftop containers invariably reward every client and project, and their designers, with worthwhile creativity and a profound sense of spatial kinship. While modern architecture increasingly presents challenging geometries, the customised planters we devise navigate complex sightlines with ease and precision, and since steel forms the most recyclable, sustainable construction material, we utilise its numerous beneficial aspects to develop made-to-measure blueprints of distinctness and durability.

Expressive Gamut

Manufactured in zinc-coated, galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel sheeting, the bespoke planters which sustain prospering plants across rooftop gardens offer technical superiority and architectural vibrancy as advanced, custom-made growing media. Containerisation of plants interchangeably modulates between traditional gardens and modern roof terraces, yet while the latter outdoor discipline displays far more distinguishable aspects of self-contained horticultural cultivation, its design adaptations extend geometric possibilities rather inventively. Ewers, urns, bowls, vases, boxes, tubs, flowerpots and troughs, when specially commissioned, constantly modified and reinvented as one-off pieces, form limited editions of definition, contrast, colour and texture – thoroughly adaptable to specific settings, while further singularised by a protective layer of preferred powder-coating.

Powder-coated Hardiness

Whether brightly coloured, mutedly understated or seductively two-tone, the elliptical, conical, circular, portholed, recessed, apertured, tapering, arched, floating, wave-shaped and cantilevered forms we shape our free-standing planters into are customarily enveloped by powder-coated hardiness in broad-ranging finishes, and topped off in decorative aggregates – underpinned by elegant detail, while drained off through lightweight expanded clay granules. Snugly fitted, these bespoke planters' advantageous movability, built-in safety brackets, inexhaustible colour palettes and creative screen printing interlock sculpturally and practically with demanding roof garden settings to distinguish our clients' homes, where we continue to explore the nuances of contemporary outdoor living and its dynamic facets.